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Using a Eulogy Example

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016

Being assigned the task of writing a eulogy is a big honor. Never be intimidated by it. Though writing a eulogy may seem hard and taking, it actually isn’t. All you need is a guideline where you can fit in your work. Below is a guideline on how to write a eulogy, with examples.

Be well-organized
When writing a eulogy, it is important that your thoughts are not scattered. Let them follow each other in a logical order. To achieve this, you can start by stating items in each topic of your eulogy, in a draft paper. Start with an introduction, followed by the main points and then the body

My name is Pam, the deceased’s Nephew……
Uncle Tom like to do…
He died a peaceful death…
Though you are gone, the memories you left with us will forever be cherished.

Basic Information about the Decease
In your eulogy, you should mention some of the basic yet vital information about the deceased. This should enable those in the crowd that did not know hive have a brief idea of who he was, his relations and what his life was like.

For Example
Mary was aged 26 and working at the Museum at the time of her death. She had a son who she loved more than anything. Her kindness is what won many people’s hearts.

Focus on the positives
Whatever the case, never revolve your eulogy around the negatives of the deceased, even if this was true. Shining light on the negatives will only offend the audience. Therefore, try to get all the positives you can even though it is difficult.

For Example
Do not say “He loved the bottle more than anything”
Instead, you can say, “He was a lively man who lived life to the fullest”

Consider the length
If the time assigned for the eulogy is too short, then try fitting as much details about the deceased in a very brief eulogy. All you need to do is ensure the eulogy covers the strengths of the deceased and also give a conclusion that everyone will live to remember.

funeral3Following these tips will help you create a captivating funeral speech making your loved one’s wake a more memorable moment. This will surely be remembered.

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